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FVee Registry

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Early FV History

SCCA Track Records

Wiki Report on FV
The largest collection of used Formula Vees for sale that I know of...
Parts Vendors and Event Supporters
Roxannes Headers exhaust systems
VeeSport Racing
Advantage Motorsports (Data Acq)
Chassis Setup Tools

Formula Vee Logo/Patch/etc
Quixote Racing
Silver Bullet Bodywork(FL)

Local junk yards happy


Contact points for FV information


Lisa Noble


Dietmar Bauerle VARA

Brian McCarthy SCCA

Bruce Livermore


Bill Griffith (Bigger Hammer Racing)


Steve Davis

Northeastern USA
Ray Carmody


Engine and Chassis Builders
Butler Engines

Mystique Racing
DDC Racing
Noble Championship Power
Crusader Racecars (no link)
Caracal Cars
BRM Engineering
Quixote Racing
AutoWerks Engines

Vee Sport Racing (VSR)
Mystique Racing
QuickSilver RacEngines

Campbell Motorsport

FV Rentals
Caracal Cars (southern SEDIV)

Stewurt Performance (NEDIV)
Noble Race Engines (MWDIV)
Dunlap Motorsports (CENDIV)
Ray Carmody (NEDIV)
DDC Racing (GLDIV)

I also have this info from San Fran region, but no links
Crusader Cars 209-478-2452, Blake Tatum, Stockton, CA
Instinct Racing 925-766-7584,Colin Cross, Walnut Creek, CA 925-825-5806
Larry Bacon 415-898-4842 day, 415-897-0714 eve

Team Websites

Full Moon Racing - Formula Vee
Wedge Racing FV Site
Adams Racing- Team
Matt Durkee's website
BB's Garage
Rob Howden's Site

Blind Mule Racing
Chris Satterly's Site

  Other FV Sites


Northeast Formula Vee Racing
Northeast FV Challenge Cup Series
(US FV + Candian F1200)

Internet Forums

FormulaVee and FST
Apex Speed
LEFT Coast Formula Car Board


Items of interest
FV Videos/Pictures
Gordon Jolley's RUNOFFS Pictures (and some old videos)
About the VW Beetle Special Editions | Formula Vee

VERY interesting forum thread about FV in europe in 60's


Furrener's Sites

Formula Vee Australia
Formula Vee Queensland Australia
Historic Vee - Australia
South African Formula Vee
Formula 1200 - Canada

Formula 1200 - Canada on FaceBook
(some Vee maintenance videos)

NSW Formula Vee Racing
Ben Williams (UK FV racer)
Vees in Europe

Vees in Holland
Dan Brigham's uTube UK FV's