Help Support FV!

This website is accepting donations to help fund the continuance of Formula Vee in the US and North America - primarily SCCA related, but extending to all aspects of FV as most use the SCCA GCR as a basis for their rules package.
The money will be used to support the costs associated with The Interchange (,, and other methods of furthering the class, including direct emails to the FV Registry especially when direct input is needed (e.g. VOTING) is needed, so make sure you sign up in the Registry via the website near the bottom.of the homepage. (I respond to several emails/month generated by queries from these sites).

Please donate only what you can easily afford (no more than $100) - so no one shoulders too much $$$ burden.

Paypal will 'steal' a portion of your donation using this button so, don't make donations less than $10 unless you have a current paypal account with a balance, in which case you can 'SEND MONEY' directly to instead of using the button.

Thanks - Stevan Davis - FV80, webmaster