How can I get started racing in Formula Vee?

Step 1: Join the SCCA

National Club - produces the SportsCar Magazine and manages the National level competition for championships acrooss the nation. You must join the SCCA to participate in SCCA competition events. Join the SCCA or contact your local region (info below). If you are in Canada, you may also want to look into the Canadian FV Series Formula 1200 or CASC Ontario.

Division - The USA is divided into 8 divisions for management. Each division has it's own points and competes in it's own division championship.

Region - Specific local area where meetings are held. Regions support the various races at selected race tracks closest to their area. All memberships are processed through one or more regions. Most regions have their own local newsletter and some have their own regional championships.

Step 2: Get Involved!

After joining the SCCA, you may consider renting a vee to decide if you really like the class before purchasing one. You can find links to rentals in our 'Links' page.

Feel free to contact me (link to Webmaster below) with any questions about the cars; odds are I am familiar with most of them.

It has been said many times that CREWING for someone else is the absolute BEST way to become involved if you are completely new to racing. You'll help get the car prepared, go to the races, etc. In the process you will learn much that will reduce the intimidation factor. Once you step into the car and go to your first drivers school you will be much more comfortable. If you are interested in that avenue, please drop me an email with your city/state and I'll see if I can find someone to truly introduce you to FV - up close and personal.

Step 3: Register with the FV Registry

One of the current goals is to create and maintain a registry of all active Vee drivers in the United States - including all sanctioning bodies beyond SCCA. This website will attempt to be a central repository of information about the class. Please register if you are an active racer, involved in a team or interested in getting closer to the FV sport.

If you would like to added to the registry, please email The Webmaster with the following information:
Location (City and State/Country)
Email address
Phone number
Current or former car make/model
Preferred car number
How long have you been involved in FV?
Are you currently racing or crewing FV?
Sanctioning body

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